OJ 1:45 24mm Capgauge

Most of the JR (JNR) railway network is built using Cap-gauge. The three foot six Cap-gauge is also called Cape-gauge, derived from the Cape of Good Hope where it was first used.


Cape gauge is a track gauge of 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) between the inside of the rail heads, and thus is classified as a narrow gauge. It has installations of around 112,000 kilometres (70,000 mi).


The gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) was first used by Norwegian engineer Carl Abraham Pihl and the first line was opened in 1862.


Carl Abraham Pihl (16 January 1825 – 14 September 1897) was a Norwegian civil engineer and director of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) from 1865 until his death. Pihl was one of the main architects of the use of narrow gauge railways in Norway.[1] 

Source: Wikipedia


As such all Japanese Models in O, S, HO or N that depict the 1067 prototype have a different scale compared to their European or US counterparts. (See section "scales - Spuren" for details)

OJ is with 24mm and a scale of 1:45 the correct size for 1067 Cap-gauge. With a large number of manufacturers in Japan for OJ models this scale is undervalued in the writer’s opinion.  

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